First time with her

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
First time with her

It was just a normal summer weekend for me. I went over stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv to my best friends house, sipped on a few beers, and just played video games. My /friend/best-friend/">best friend and his girl went to bed on Saturday around 11pm and I was left to sleep in the living room. All of a sudden I heard a sound I was all too familiar with; the sound of her moaning as she cummed. I had had enough.

Every time I went over they did this. I finally got up and knocked on the bedroom door and hollered at them, "You know, its really evil to be doing that when you know Im sitting out here horny by myself." The next thing that happened was unexpected. My best friend and his girl walked out of the room and told me to join them. She was looking beautiful as always and I immediately agreed.

We sat there and undressed and I could tell she had been fucking as her juices started rolling down her legs. My best friend bent her over and fucked her doggy-style as she deep throated my dick like it was the best thing on earth. I sat there groping her 32 DD boobs as my best friend drove her to her second orgasm of the night. She then pulled off of him and told me it was my turn.

I laid on my back as she went cowgirl on me, pounding my dick as hard as she could, bringing herself to a full /orgasm/squirting-orgasm/">squirting orgasm. I laid back and enjoyed the feel of her sticky juices running down my shaft and white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie onto my balls. She flipped over and told me it was my turn so I shoved my tongue into her clit and delighted in the taste of her /sweet/">sweet cunt.

After she came in my mouth I shoved my dick into her and pounded for another 30 min before she let out her loudest orgasm of the night making me blow my load instantly. She was so wet that under where we were fucking smelt like her cunt for the next two months. She is by far the wettest girl I have ever had the pleasure of fucking.