Rubbing me in the right way

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Rubbing me in the right way

I was sitting in my room with my friend Colby at my desk. He was looking at some porn on the computer since my parents were gone for the week. I watched as the /women/">women drove dildos into themselves with orgasmic results. I said, "hey sit on the bed with me, you can see the screen better." Colby pushed the chair aside and lay down next to me as the /orgy/">orgy on the screen continued.

Watching I began to get very, very horny. I wanted to mastrubate, but I wanted to mix it up. My penis was pretty hard now, and I looked at Colbys groin, and saw the bulge of his dick rising. We had played with each others peniss before in the hot indian santali xvideo tub, but I had never seen it. Slowly I placed my hand on Zcolbys thigh, and Colby looked at my hand, but did not protest.

I slowly passed my palm over his crotch and felt his penis shoot up as well as mine. I began to undo his belt and unzipped the zipper. I rubbed his penis in the boxers and got up. I pulled his pants off and licked his groin. He moaned a bit as I pulled the boxers off with my teeth. His oenis was big, /fat/">fat, and very hard. I slid my tongue over his leg and up his penis.

Colby closed his eyes and pushed me over. He pulled my shorts down and rubbed my alain lyle porn boxers. The feeling alone almost made me come. He rolled me over in my stomach and pulled off my briefs. He lucked my butt, sliding his tongue into my ass. We pulled off each others shirts and he lay on top of me. We kissed, sliding our tongues in our mouths.

He licked my stomach and put my penis in his mouth. He slid up and down the shaft, making that feeling grow. He licked the head and sucked on it. I could feel myself loosing control. He pulled up and down on my foreskin and licked the back of my penis and the feeling caused me to explode. My cum was all over his face as he lucked it off. He spat it out on the top of my penis head and I came all over the bed again.

We play like this all the time now.