My best friend Jase 2

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My best friend Jase 2

I was nervous. It was utterly ridiculous. I had seen him nearly every day for the past couple of years due to our friendship and the idea that I was nervous tonight actually pissed me off.

I saw him approach me. He wasn't dressed any differently, not even his walk had changed (unfortunately).
"Hey man, sorry I'm late, I was just watching that new episo-"
He could see I wasn't impressed. He was only 12 minutes late but that was 12 minutes too many.

"This isn't going to work" I said as I started to depart from the movie theatre.
He ran up after me, "No, no, it is! I'm so sorry, Tyler, I got you this".
He handed me a /boxing/small-box/">small box in which he had placed a small piece of paper that he had written on.

I couldn't help but smile. Mainly because he had spelt massage wrong.
"What do you want to see?" I asked as I did a 180 and began walking towards the movie theatre.
"You choose"

I had enjoyed the night with Jason but it wasn't a date. I hadn't treated him as if I felt like we were on a date.
I went to grab his hand as we walked down the street, but he was startled and done a backflip on the whole idea of trying to be a couple.

"Alright, alright, calm down! Shit, I should have known. You're confused about your fucking sexual orientation, I should have known this wasn't going to work". I was furious, perhaps more than I should have been seeing as all he had done was been reluctant to hold my hand. Maybe it was the rejection.

Strangely, he hadn't fought back. In fact his pastel blue eyes had a sheen suggesting he was going to cry, but he fought back these tears because by now he had blinked and replied, "Whatever you say man."
I found it odd that he had given up that easy. Maybe he didn't enjoy the date. Maybe he didn't find me attractive.

"Is that all?" I questioned.
"Yeah, maybe it's not meant to be. You know I'm not used to this, I don't want to hold your hand in public, we're on different terms of agreement"
"Only in public?"
"Yes, I don't want to be-"
"So what if we just hang out at your house?"
"Yes, but I don't think you kno-"
"Cool! Alright, and then will you hold my hand?"
"If you feel the need to touch my hand with yours in the comfort of my home, you can do that, I'm just not rea-"
"Well let's go!"

We caught the train, he lived so close to the train track that to drive would just be a waste of petrol and us both being University students renting, money was a big factor in what the day was going to bring to us.
I closed the door behind me as he turned on the tv and sat on the couch. The last time I was here we had made out for hours, and sitting on the couch just brought back the nostalgia of that night.
I held my hand out as I sat down. He rolled his eyes but place his hand in mine.

"Your hands are cold, Jason"
He smiled and held my hand tighter. This is all I wanted right now. Affection from an attractive guy that I knew well.

Hours had passed and I was starting to get horny. I didn't know how far he was willing to go and I didn't want to push him. I leaned my head on his shoulder to see how he responded. He didn't move, so I assumed it was alright. I continued my test by putting my hand on his leg. He moved his leg, but not as a motion for me to remove my hand, but it had taken him aback.

”I want to kiss you” He announced.
I kissed him.
”I want to do more with you.” He said afterwards.
”What do you want to do?”
”I don't know, anything.”

By this point, I was extremely horny and I knew that if I didn't try something now, I would never work up the courage to be intimate with him again.
I unzipped his jeans. He subtly gasped. I rubbed his cock through his /underwear/">underwear and I could already feel it growing. He didn't respond in a negative manner. Instead he lifted his hips so I could get a better grasp.
I eventually pulled down his underwear to reveal his, by now, beautiful hard cock. I started to salivate I rubbed the pre-cum off his tip.

Within seconds I had pushed my face into his junk and began full hd xvideo download licking and sucking his cock as hard as I could. He moaned and leaned back. I could tell he was enjoying it because he kept putting his hands on my head to push me down further.
It hadn't really dawned on me that this was my /friend/best-friend/">best friend, the one I had been friends with for years. I kept sucking and he kept moaning and thrusting hips which was really turning me on.

I eventually stopped and lied down on the floor.
”What are you doing?” He asked with disdain seeing as I had stopped pleasuring him.
”Face fuck me” I demanded.

He immediately followed me on to the floor and put one leg over my chest. Carefully, he free porn movies download guided his cock into my mouth, and began to thrust back and forth. I loved the feeling of having his thick /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock plunging back and forth down my throat so I began to jerk myself off.
He loved being in control, he kept changing momentum to see how I would react.
”I'm going to cum” he said, still thrusting.

I pulled his ass forward bringing him deeper into my mouth and he began to moan. I felt his warm liquid gushing into my throat. I swallowed it all down and he pulled himself out of my mouth. His cum tasted /sweet/">sweet and went down smooth.
We began to stare at each other uncomfortably.
I grabbed my stuff and practically ran to the door.

”Wait” I heard him call, but it was too late. I was out of there. I couldn't do it.

After I had left I put my jacket on and gotten to the train station. I reached into my pocket to find a little piece of paper with the words ”IOU: ONE BACK MASSAGE”” I smiled, mainly because the word massage was spelt wrong.