Maiden MaidCh 4 Sara Takes it in Her Mouth

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Maiden MaidCh 4 Sara Takes it in Her Mouth

Sara sat up in the bed, a look of fright on her face. She felt like something was wrong. xxx sex video download free com She was not sure what it was, it was just an uncomfortable feeling you have like when you wake up from a bad dream. It was barely dawn, the light already starting to come through the window. She thought she saw some movement over in the corner of the room, her head turning quickly. Her eyes were still half closed, able to only make out a dark shadow.

?Master Michael, is that you?? A hint of terror in her sexxxx video ful hd voice as her eyes finally focussed on the chair in the corner of the room. She could now see better, Michael was sitting in the corner of the room, still dressed in the tuxedo that he had worn out last night. He was staring at her.

?No need to be frightened, Sara. After all, this is MY house! I told you I have a right to go anywhere in it at any time.

Sara pulled the blanket up to her neck, aware that she was only wearing a silk negligee that highlighted her body very tightly. ?I?m sorry sir, I didn?t mean it that way. I was just startled to see you there. I did not hear you come in.?

?You will have to get use to me, I intend to make full use of my house and that includes your room. Now quickly get out of bed and come over here. It is Saturday and you have many chores to do for the day. And tonight you will be punished again for your insolence last night. Now hurry, I don?t have all day to wait for you!?

Sara jumped out of the bed quickly at the mere mention of the punishment tonight. She did not want to do anything that would further jeopardize what she was sure would already be painful and humiliating. She straightened out her negligee, the silky fabric clinging to her body like a second skin. It went down to a little ways past her knees, but she felt naked even with it covering her body. The top was low cut, allowing ample naked flesh to the eyes, a slit cut down between her breasts, revealing her abundant cleavage. The rest of the garment clung to her body, highlighting her hourglass waist, her /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass and you could almost discern her sex mound.

Michael watched as she moved towards him, her hips swaying seductively, her bare feet lightly tapping on the floor. He had been out all last night drinking with his friends. Naturally there was many woman they met, but he did not want them last night. Every since he began to teach Sara how to satisfy his sexual urges, that is all he could think about. He had been sitting in the chair for over an hour, watching Sara sleeping, the sunrise slowly bringing its light into the room. He could see the innocence in her face, the innocence that he would soon take from her. He had watched her breathing, his cock becoming hard as he imagine her hands stroking it. When her mouth opened slightly, he imagined his cock slipping between her sensuous lips, her hot breath bathing his cock. He could not wait until tonight, no, he wanted her to satisfy him now. 

Sara saw his hands outstretched, urging her forwards towards him. Was he going to make her jerk off his cock again and shoot all over her face? She moved forward, not wanting to make him angry, already having to submit to punishment tonight. She stared straight ahead as she felt his hands already begin to run over her body. His hands grabbed her hips, naked beneath the negligee and turn her until her back was to him. She felt his hands slide over her ass cheeks, his fingers clenching on them. She let her ass cheeks relax, knowing the punishment for tightening her cheeks and refusing to allow him complete access to her body. 

Michael just loved the feel of her flesh beneath his fingers, his cock hard as he ran his hands over her haunches, feeling her young body. ?Your legs, spread your legs for me,? he ordered her. He saw her legs move outward, drawing the negligee tighter on her body. He let his hands slide down between her legs until he reached the bottom of the negligee, then moving up again, this time the negligee pushed aside as he did. His hands reached the juncture of her thighs, feeling the hairy mound of her sex, his cock jumping in his pants as he visualized the /red/pussy-red/red-hair-pussy/">red hair pussy she has. He wanted to see her naked and he wanted to see her now. ?I want to watch as you take a bath. Run the water for it while I get more comfortable.?

Sara had never been completely naked before him. Now he wanted her to strip for him and take a bath while he watched. Hesitantly she moved to the bath, putting the drain plug in and running the hot water. She watched as Michael moved his chair over to the tub, sitting it prominently at the head of the tub. He would have an unobstructed view of her from the front. She put in some bubble bath, hoping that it might obscure some of his view when she got into the water.

?Turn towards me, Sara. Lower the straps of your negligee. I have never seen your breasts naked before, but I do see your /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples pointing out. I remember you told me you had large nipples. I am soon to find out. Slowly, tease me a little, Sara,? laughing as he said it.

She was always proud of her breasts though they were on the small side. Some of the other girls had /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts and she knew that in five years they would be hanging down to their belly button. She allowed the straps of the negligee to slide slowly down her arms, one hand crossed in front of herself, keeping the negligee from falling down in the front and exposing her breasts. She allowed the top to lower, her hands clutching her breasts, hiding them from Michael?s view as she pulled her arms out of the straps. Her hand was the only thing keeping the negligee up in the front. She saw Michael move his hand down to his pants, his fingers sliding the zipper down. He reached inside and grabbed his cock, brining it out, his hand gripping it tightly.

?You make my cock hard, Sara, you know what you are going to have to do, don?t you??

She looked at his hand, stroking the /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock as he watched her. Soon he would force her to do it, stroke it until he came again. ?Yes, sir,? she replied.

?Your tits, let me see your tits,? Michael getting impatient.

Startled, Sarah let the negligee fall to her waist, her breasts now naked for the first time to Michael. Her hands hung uselessly to her side, unable to decide what to do with him, humiliated at having to strip before him.

Michael licked his lips when he saw her. Her pink nipples, pointed, surrounded by the dark areola, her skin around it an alabaster white. Redheads always had pale complexions, susceptible to the suns burning rays. That is what always intrigued him about her, that and the redhead bush she would have. Her cock jerked in anticipation of that vision. He saw her staring straight-ahead, not wanting her eyes to meet his, her humiliation almost complete. First he wanted her completely naked. ?Touch your nipples with your fingertips, make them hard for me, Sara.?