Her First Time

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Her First Time

Im hosting a /party/">party and its the /first-time/">first time Ive ever laid eyes on her. She must have come with one of my friends. As soon as I see her I know I have to have her, her legs seem to go on forever and she has a pert, /cute/cute-ass/">cute ass. I approach her and purr that she looks beautiful. Her cheeks turn crimson as she stammers a thank you and I know that she isnt used to being approached by females.

I debate playing it out all night but decide that I want her as soon as possible and besides, Im not in the mood for games. I lean over, my hair brushing her cheek and whisper into her ear that she should come upstairs with me. She blushes even more and stutters that she doesnt swing that way. But Im not going to give up that easily.

"Come on dollface, Im sure I could change your mind. You can call it your present to me.""Present?""Well, this is the party for my birthday. The way I see it, I dont even know you and you turned up so its the least you can do" She giggles, a gorgeous little laugh that makes me smile. I can see that she is curious and Im right. She lets me take her hand and gently lead her upstairs.

We enter one of the bedrooms and I turn the key in the lock; she looks /scared/">scared but I reassure her that shes going to enjoy herself. I walk over to where she stands, almost shaking, and take her head gently in my hands and kiss her full on the lips. Softly at first but then harder as she responds, I bite down on her lips and she moans quietly to herself. She is wearing a tiny skirt and I take advantage of this by shifting my knee up into her pussy; she is moist and as I grind my knee into her, juices trickle down her inner thigh.

I break away and start unbuttoning her shirt to expose two perfect firm breasts, she removes her skirt and panties herself and underneath she is completely shaven and smooth. I quickly undress as well and resume the passionate kissing. Our bodies are touching, skin on skin, warm and lustful.

After a while I lower her down onto the bed and spread her legs, at first I just kiss her inner thighs, delicately, lightly. She starts to moan, begging me to lick her out. I move up to her clit and take it in my mouth and suck on it, gently but then harder, its swollen and hard in my mouth, I suck harder. She moans, begs me some more. I continue to tease her, sucking and biting down on her clit. I move down to her opening and lick cautiously around the outside, her pre cum covers my face. I dart my tongue in and out of her pussy, slowly at first but then quickly

Just when she cant take it anymore I bury my face into her pussy. My tongue is deep inside her, tongue fucking her and shes moaning even louder now. I take a spare hand and play with her throbbing clit. I thrust my tongue in as deep as I can, take her whole cunt into my mouth. Shes screaming now, she wants to cum. I stop, its my turn now.

I crawl up the bed and lower my /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt onto her face. She loves it, shes lapping eagerly. She plays with my clit as I did hers but I dont want that; I want to come. I shift and push my pussy into her face. Theres nothing else she can do but take it, so she does; she tongue fucks me vigorously as I grind on her face. Im so horny it doesnt take me long to get close to climax. Im moaning so loudly it even surprises me, her face is buried in my pussy and I fucking love it. I can see my juices glistening all over her face. But, its not time to come quite yet.

I climb off her and saunter over to my wardrobe, retrieve a /dildo/double-dildo/double-ended-dildo/">double ended dildo and turn to face her. She looks shocked but her eyes are dancing mischievously. She kneels up on the bed as I join her. She examines the dildo; it IS a big one and she looks apprehensive. "Hey, dont worry; youre gonna love this She looks a little less worried and I kiss her lightly on the forehead.

I gently stroke her clit and then finger fuck her, first one finger but then working my way up to four, her pussy accommodates them and she is moaning again. Then, without warning I thrust the dildo into her delicate, fragile pussy: She screams out loud, taken by /surprise/">surprise. I mount the other end and we are facing each other, both on our knees, up close. We start riding it together, Im massaging her breats, the feeling of warm flesh excites me even more. We are in unison, fucking the dildo more and more violently, both moaning loudly, kissing occasionally.

I know that Im going to cum before her but by know its just part of the plan. After a few more minutes I let myself go and the orgasm pulses through me. xxx My cum is all over my thighs, the bed. I climb off and tell her to do the same. I decide that seeing as shes enjoying herself so much Im going to try and push it a little further.

I go the cupboard again and this time I retrieve a strap on and some lubricant. She sees and the colour drains out of her face. She starts to stammer "Oh porn videos download no, please, Im, uh, not sure about that." I ignore her and flip her over, order her to get on all fours. She does so, "/good/good-girl/">good girl. This may be a bit uncomfortable at first but just relax. I cover her /asshole/">asshole and the dildo with lubricant. She shivers at the coolness of it. I slip one finger into her ass, she gasps, I slide it in and out until her ass takes it easily, then I slip a second in, repeat the process. Her body gets less tense, I can see her visibly relaxing.

Then, I put the dildo gently against her asshole, spreading her cheeks with my hands. I push firmly but gently, she cries out weakly, I can hear her panting. Then, it pops into her ass, she is breathing raggedly, obviously a mixture of frustrated and scared. I /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-her-in-the-ass/">fuck her in the ass, slowly at first, sliding the dildo in and out, then I speed up, she moans and tells me to fuck her harder. I comply, soon Im fucking her violently as her screams drown out any background noise.

Her screams intensify as she climaxes, I can see the waves of orgasm rippling over her whole body. She shakes uncontrollably and I wonder whether she will manage to stay on all fours. Eventually, it subsides and she moans one last small moan as the dildo slips out of her ass. She collapses on the bed, utterly satisfied.

We are both sweaty and exhausted but I gather her into my arms for one last kiss.